Use of Computers Policy

Each student has been assigned a computer network account. In each computer location, a user policy has been posted. Any student not following the policy may lose his/her right to use the network or, depending on the infraction, receive more serious consequences.

  • Computers and other equipment are for school use only. Do not visit/view sites which are not appropriate. (If in doubt, stay out!!)
  • All programs and games that should be on the computers are installed by network staff ONLY. Do not download games or other programs. Games may be played ONLY with permission from the supervising teacher.
  • Type gently – no pounding on keys.
  • Have clean hands!
  • Use the mouse on a clean mousepad or desk only. If it is not working properly, report it to your teacher. Don’t take it apart or unplug it.
  • Use the button to open or close the DVD tray. Do not force it.
  • Use only portable media devices (jump drives, CD, DVD) that you know are clean and free of viruses in our computers.
  • Do not e-mail numerous copies of the same mail to send an e-mail to a lot of people. Printers at school are for school work only. “HotMail”is not accessible through the school accounts.
  • When you send a job to the printer and it does not print, DO NOT SEND IT AGAIN. Log out, shut down, wait 30 seconds, turn on the computer, log in, cancel any print jobs that flash on the screen and select the printer. Try printing again.
  • If you need a password, ask Ms. Spence. No trying to break a code or use other passwords.