Suspension from Class

When a particular student interferes with the teaching of other students, the issue has to be addressed.

Suspension from class:

This procedure is intended to assist in dealing with “typical” disruptive behavior.  Incidents of a severe nature will be responded to with immediate action by the administration.

If after normal classroom interventions have been tried and have not brought about the desired behavior modification, removal from the classroom may be necessary.

When you ask a student to do something, they may not do it immediately.  If this happens, ask to speak to the student privately and then ask the student, “Let me get this right.  Are you refusing to _____?”  This puts the responsibility on the student and makes them accountable for their own actions.

Prior to the first step in this procedure, it is assumed that classroom management strategies have been used by the teacher.

First Step:

  1. Request the student leave the room with specific instructions to remain outside the door until the teacher has an opportunity to leave the class and speak to the student individually (hopefully not more than 5-10 minutes at the most).
  2. At this time the teacher should explain to the student how he/she is interfering with learning process in the classroom.
  3. Ask for more cooperation in order to provide a more productive learning environment.
  4. Explain to the student the consequences of their choices.

Anytime a student is dealt with, a short note should be documented.

 Second Step:

  1. If the student continues to cause a disruption or does not comply with the teacher’s instructions in Step 1, the teacher will ask the student to go to the office.
  2. Immediately after this, the teacher will call the office to let the secretary know that student “X” is on his/her way.
  3. The teacher will notify the student of the detention.
  4. As soon as possible, the teacher should make personal contact with the student to facilitate a smooth re-entry into the class.
  5. By the end of the day, the teacher will complete the Student Discipline Report documenting the incident, pass it in to administration and contact the student’s home by telephone or email. It is critical that this be done as it provides the dates for further action if required.The student will automatically receive a 25-minute detention to be served at noon on the day assigned (or when it suits the teacher’s schedule). The teacher will supervise the detention. 

    Further disciplinary action:When the above actions do not remedy the problem, further disciplinary action will be taken by the administration. This may include suspension from school, meetings with parents, contracts, etc.  The principal can suspend from 1-5 days;  if more than that is necessary, the issue must go to the Board for approval (except in very serious defined incidents).