Cell Phones / Recording / Playback Devices

A telephone for student use is located outside the main office. Students may carry cell phones or other digital products [any form of technology which provides any device with recording (voice or image) and communications capabilities], but, unless an emergency situation arises or specifically authorized by a school official or bus driver, devices which record or transmit messages must be turned off and stored away from immediate access during instructional time.

Students may use cell phones during their recess and lunch breaks only. Cell phones are not to be used during class time (including the corridors). The consequences for violation of this policy is: 1st offence – phone will be surrendered and returned at the end of the day, 2nd offence – phone will be surrendered and returned to a parent or guardian at the end of the day, 3rd (and more) offence – phone will be surrendered and returned to parent or guardian after 3 days. Failure to surrender a phone will result in suspension from school.

At the discretion of the classroom teacher or bus driver, devices such as I-Pods or Smart phones which are used for listening only and are restricted to the personal user (i.e. used with earphones) may be played provided there is no interference with the teaching of the lesson (including student attentiveness).

NO cell phones will be permitted in the classroom for tests and exams.

Picture Taking
Students are not permitted to take pictures in school with cameras or cell phones unless under direct supervision of a teacher or administrator.