Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination Policy

Harassing, bullying and discriminating on the basis of any personal attribute such as race, culture, gender, disability, physical size or weight, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. Harassing behaviors or actions that abuse or humiliate individuals, interfere with their performance or create an intimidating or hostile environment are prohibited. Unwanted comments, verbal and/or written abuse, unwelcome gestures, actions that invade privacy or personal property, spreading unfounded rumors or deliberately spreading misinformation will not be tolerated. Students have a responsibility to ensure that the school environment is free from harassment.

Staff strive to provide a safe and harmonious learning climate. The school should be a safe and friendly environment where students and staff hold a mutual respect for each other. There will be “zero tolerance” for incidents of harassment, bullying or discrimination. This means that each reported incident will be followed up by staff or by the administration quickly and appropriate action taken. Harassment, bullying and discrimination situations typically do not stop on their own. Often these issues continue to get worse until the victim, a witness or a concerned parent takes the first step and talks to a teacher or the school administration about it. Reported incidents will be investigated and an appropriate course of action will follow. Persons reporting should be prepared to provide specific details and names. Serious and/or persistent occurrences will result in parent involvement and a 5-day suspension from school.