Use of Harmful Substances (Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco)

Tobacco – Smoking by students, staff and visitors is not permitted anywhere on school property. A total smoking ban is in place in all buildings, properties and vehicles owned by the English Language School Board. The consequences for violations of this policy are: 1st offence – 1 day suspension, followed by 3 days, 5 days and referral to the Board for subsequent infractions. These requirements are clearly outlined in English Language School Board Policy. Distribution or selling of cigarettes to any student under the age of 19 will result in a 10-day suspension and a report to the police.

Alcohol or other harmful substances – The possession, use, selling or distribution or being under the influence of any drug or harmful substance is prohibited at school, on school property or at any school activity on or off the school property. Students who violate this rule are subject to very severe consequences, including school suspension of 5-10 days, exclusion from extra-curricular activities for one year and reporting of the incident to police.


If a teacher suspects a student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs:

  • Contact administration to come collect the student from class or escort the student to the office. You do not need to explain your concerns to the student at this time, just say that the administrator wants to see him/her.
  • Explain to the administrator your suspicions.

Administration will:

  • Call in another administrator or youth service worker to be present.
  • Evaluate the evidence.
  • If drug use appears probable, tell the student your concerns.
  • Ask the student to empty their pockets, kitbag, etc.

If no proof is found, call home and request that the parent come and pick up the student as they are not able to be in school for the remainder of the day.

If proof is found, follow School Board procedures (confiscate, call parents and police, suspend).