February 19th-February 23rd

**See link above for sports practices and events**

Islander Day – No School
4pm Junior A Boys Quarter-Final Basketball Game Vs Englewood

Early morning jazz band
2:30pm-4pm U-18 Volleyball
4pm Junior Girls Basketball Game @ Hernewood
4pm Junior A Boys Basketball Game at Miscouche
5:30pm-7pm Senior Girls Basketball Practice

Early morning concert band
2:30pm-4pm Badminton
5pm Senior Girls Basketball Game Vs Gray 2
7pm Senior Boys Basketball Game Vs Gray 2

Early morning jazz band
Noon-1:15  Trades & Technology Expo (School Library)
4pm-5:30pm Junior Girls Basketball Practice
5:30pm-7pm Senior Boys Basketball Practice
7-8:30pm Senior Girls Basketball Practice

Early morning jazz band

Band Candlelight Dinner
Provincial X-Overs for Junior Basketball Team if win on Tuesday in West Semi-Finals

Upcoming Dates
February 28      National Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day
March 1,2         Junior High Parent teacher Interviews (Click here to book interview)
March 2            Sr High Goals Day- no classes
March 5            PD Day – no classes
March 7            School Science Fair
March 15          Parent Information Night – Course Selection @ 7pm


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